Friday night, Amon Amarth stormed into Grand Rapids at the Intersection. The crazy, beer drinking Swedes brought the boat, the shields, and all the Viking metal you can handle! Great band!

After Goatwhore kicked things off with their blackened death metal, the crew started building the stage set for Amon Amarth. This doesn't just involve lights, drums, and guitars. It also means constructing the prow of a ship on stage, and hanging a bunch of Viking shields.

Seriously, if you haven't seen Amon Amarth, they have the front prow of a ship built on stage! This has to be the biggest set prop put on stage at the Intersection. It came close to the front of the stage, and there wasn't a lot of room for anyone to squeeze in front of it.

The band uses all of the stage, moving around a lot, and yes, they can board the ship and stand on it to play. They do that a lot. The new drummer is tucked away behind the ship, you can barely see him behind his mountain of drums back there. But you can definitely hear what he's doing.

Enjoy the videos, and go see this band the next time they come through. It's a blast!

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