Training for Grand Rapids Police paid off Thursday evening when officers saved the life of a suicidal who was armed with a knife.

According to WOOD TV, the incident occurred around 6 p.m. near Jefferson Avenue and Cherry Street. Police dispatch received a disturbing call of a women with a knife stabbing herself. When officers arrived on the scene the 45-year-old woman was holding a knife to her throat begging officers to just shoot her.

Officers at the scene who were trying to calm the woman down say actually cut her body several times with the knife. Police officers spoke with the woman and she refused to listen continuing to cut herself. Police realized they had to make a quick decision and fired several bean bag rounds hitting her in the legs which caused the woman to drop the knife and allow officers to safely help her for causing herself anymore damage.

The woman had given herself several knife cuts before officers could launch the bean bag rounds that added some additional bruising to her thighs but more than likely saved her life. She was then transported for treatment and mental evaluation at a nearby hospital.

Grand Rapids Police officers all carry a less than lethal shotgun just for these type of incidents.

If you or anyone you know that may be struggling with suicidal thoughts or depression are urged to contact help at 800-273-8255 or Network 180 at 616-336-3909. There are also available local services that can be found by simply dialing 211.


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