A new streaming series, The Watchers, recently wrapped production and it was filmed and shot in West Michigan.

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The show, which is expected to hit faith-based streaming service PureFlix in 2022, is called "The Watchers". The 8 episodes of season one were all written, produced, and edited by members of the Compass College of Cinematic Arts community. While some of the actors are professionals that flew into West Michigan for the shoot, alumni, students, and faculty all worked on the production in and around Grand Rapids.

Jay Greer, president of Compass College of Cinematic Arts, spoke with our media partner Fox 17, and told them this type of thing can become more common for production:

You don’t have to be in New York, you don’t have to be in LA – you can be in West Michigan. You can be shooting a TV series in West Michigan.

The students at Compass filmed the eight episode season over 17 days and nights and was part of the college's Learning Through Experience program.

The program and the series is described on their website:

Compass College of Cinematic Arts is passionate about empowering students to learn quickly as they grow their passion for film and cinematic arts. We do this by providing hands-on experience for our students. One recent example was the opportunity that Compass students had to learn from experts in the film industry by being a part of the production of a new TV series, “The Watchers”.


“The Watchers” is being directed by Compass College alum, Aaron Greer, who helped transform the production set into a real-life classroom, giving students the opportunity to learn, adapt, and grow as they experience what it’s like to work on a professional set. Opportunities like this are the foundation of the education received at Compass.

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