To make sure you can take part in the 2024 turkey hunt in the state of Michigan you need to apply for your permit and there are only a few days left to apply.

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2024 Michigan Turkey Hunting

One of my favorite things to do in the Spring in Michigan is turkey hunting. For me, it's the only hunting that tops deer hunting. The communication back and forth with the birds, the decoys, is something any hunter can succeed at any age not to mention they make a great meal.

Depending on what turkey hunt you apply for and where the hunt is located in Michigan, your hunt will be sometime between April 20 and May 31 for the 2024 season. You need to apply for a permit to get selected to purchase your license.

When To Apply for Michigan 2024 Spring Turkey Hunt

Every year the Michigan Department of Natural Resources allows hunters to apply for their choice of a turkey hunt very similar to applying for a bear hunt but the chances of getting selected are much greater for a turkey hunt than a black bear.

Applications are being accepted from January 1 through February 1 so there are only a couple of days before this year's application period ends. Many hunters wait around to buy the leftover licenses to avoid paying the $5 application fee. By paying the fee you almost guarantee your hunt but if you own the land that you hunt on, you can start a week earlier than other hunters and it is worth it.

My son was with me last year when I got my bird. This year he will be trying to get his first bird and we both are very excited. Turkey hunting is a great way to get introduced into hunting and a fantastic way to get kids involved in hunting to keep the family tradition going. If you haven't applied for your turkey permit, you better get on it because there are only a few days left. Here is a link to everything you need to know about Michigan turkey hunting.

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