Today on Segment 16, the guys pick a winner for some MIS racing tickets, and Steve might have to lick the floor with his eyes closed until he licks up a winner name.

The guys tried to make picking the winner as difficult as possible for Steve, making him throw the winner names in the air, and try to catch the one name on his tongue, like a dirty, dirty snowflake. If he missed (he did), he was instructed to close his eyes and begin licking the floor until he picked one up.

Then, the guys check in on a story about a local DJ who's standing people up at their weddings! This guy should never get any business or work, ever!

He stiffed the bride at a wedding (and not in the sexy way) in June, so she told her friends about it, and they have been trying to cancel his services for their wedding, with no luck. The guy won't give them their money back, or even talk with them.

The DJ's name is Eric Lee Deridder, don't hire this guy.

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