If you happen to hear a siren today, don't panic... it's just a drill!

A tornado drill is scheduled for 1 p.m. today (4.19) all across the state, which means there will be alerts and sirens, including on your TV and radio.

This week, April 16-22, is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Michigan, so this drill is just to get people aware and prepared if a tornado, or some type of bad weather, did occur.

In addition to the alerts, families, organizations and businesses are encouraged to participate in this statewide drill. The Michigan State Police has laid out tips on what you can/should do to be prepared. They include:

  • Find the safest location in the lowest level of your home, work, school, etc.
  • Stay away from windows, doors, and objects that can easily be blown around.
  • Find additional shelter under sturdy objects such as a table.
  • Charge your cell phone.
  • Create a plan with your family as to what should happen if you aren't home and a tornado hits.

You can find the rest of their tips and signs to make sure you stay safe during a severe weather here.

We are well into spring in Michigan and tornadoes are most likely to occur during the late spring and early summer seasons.

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