A suspect fatally stabs a man in a Michigan Meijer and a woman with a concealed gun permit holds the man at gunpoint until authorities could arrive.

According to WZZM, authorities are not sure why a 29-year-old man stabbed and killed an 85-year-old-man in a Meijer located in Adrian Michigan.

The suspect was not able to escape because a female good samaritan who was legally carrying at the time, stopped the man and made him get down on the ground as she held the gun on him until the po po could cuff him and stuff him.

I'm always worried that some people who carry might over react in a situation like this, but Becky Perez handled the situation like a pro.

The victim unfortunately was stabbed multiple times with what looks like a knife that came from the Meijer store shelf. The 85-year-old man died at the scene.

According to WZZM, Perez who was with her husband at the time said, "we were getting in line and we heard people start screaming in the back of the store. Then I see some employees start running and then I see people running from the back. They were screaming and running out the door."

Code 50 was announced over the stores sound system that alerted employees about the situation and employees immediately ran to the location to try and help.

The suspect stabbed the victim in the head and neck. Police Chief Vincent Emrick said, "at this time, we're reviewing video footage from the store surveillance cameras as well as cellphone camera footage from witnesses at the scene."

I'm not sure what possessed this man to stab the elderly victim but good thing Perez did her civic duty in outstanding fashion.

Police are still investigating the murder but have not hinted about the motive or if the two men knew each other.

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