A two-day music and marijuana festival could be coming to Niles, Mich. this summer.

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News of the possible event comes after another West Michigan city has announced a pot party of their own: Muskegon's "Smoke on the Water" is happening July 24.

According to the South Bend Tribune, a promoter from Lansing, Germaine Redding, has proposed to bring the cannabis music festival to Niles. He'd originally applied for a special event permit with Niles for July 16-17, but has since said the festival may be pushed back to September, due to the pandemic. He tells the  the South Bend Tribune, “We could do it in July, but with everything in the air, it’s better to do it right."

Niles City Council members discussed the festival on Monday. According to the South Bend Tribune, officials are interested in the "business and attention" the festival could bring to Niles, however, there are concerns about "security and the influx of people."

A potential location discussed for the festival is a grassy, wooded area along Bond Street next at Riverfront Park South.

According to the South Bend Tribune, "the permit application proposes having 24 vendors, including eight for marijuana, eight for food and eight for merchandise. Alcohol wouldn’t be permitted." Camping would be a part of the festival.

Redding has said musical acts are lined up for the festival, but has not said who or how many.

At this point, City Administrator Ric Huff says he wants his staff to study the plan and talk to other cities that have held similar events.

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