The city of Muskegon is no stranger to parties as they have lots of events through the year for residents to enjoy, but this is a first for the city. Save the date -- and actually write it down in your calendar because if the stereotype is true you'll likely forget -- for July 24.

The Muskegon City Council approved the city's first pot party called "Smoke on the Water" taking place near the Muskegon River. Park Place Provisionary, will be throwing the party in their parking lots along Park Street.

So what is it like to attend a legal weed bash? It'll be similar to if you're attending a beer festival. Food trucks, live music, and of course, pot, are planned for the event. An area will be designated where people are free to smoke. There will also be some lawn games because, let's be honest blunt, potheads love playing games.

Right now the city is just waiting for state approval so party planners can move forward with the event. According to WZZM this has been a year in the making but COVID put things on the back burner. Organizer for the event, Roberta King, told WZZM that one of the goals is to bring attention to Muskegon.

I hope people come from all over the state and they'll stay overnight and hang out and hear our bands and eat from our great food trucks.

I have high expectations!

If all goes as planned, "Smoke on the Water" will be held Saturday, July 24 from 12p-8p. Make sure to grab your favorite bud to go along with you ;-)

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