The South Dakota Department of Public Safety certainly isn't afraid of a little edge.

Their controversial "Don't Jerk and Drive" campaign was recently yanked.

Now they've got a bare-chested "Party Santa" spreading their message.

The anti-drunk driving ad features a smoking, drinking, rough looking St. Nick. His name? Randy the "Party Santa".

The ad includes a nice little Christmas rhyme:

'Twas the night before Christmas
and inside the jail
Randy the 'Party Santa'
sat drunken and pale ...

According to Keloland TV,  South Dakota Department of Public Safety officials say the magazine the ad is in is geared toward a younger generation and "Party Santa" is a way to grab their attention.

They've got other ads running to appeal to a "broader" audience. They say they hope that even if people don't like "Party Santa", the message still gets across: Don't Drink and Drive.

Or you'll end up like Randy:

Earlier that night
after drinking whiskey and rye
Randy tried to drive home
and got a D.U.I


The lesson here is simple
Don't drink and drive
The holidays are much more fun
when you're sober and alive