Who doesn't love a great compilation and some stellar covers? Luckily Pure Noise Records and Pabst Blue Ribbon have teamed up to present, Dead Formats, Vol. 1, the first installment of a new comp series that was inspired by many of the compilations that have come before it. And the hook is that this 15-track set features today's Pure Noise roster of bands celebrating 15 punk, emo and ska songs and artists that helped shape the scene.

This set was curated in such a manner as to help discover new acts the way that previous compilations such as Atticus' Dragging the Lake, the Punk-O-Rama series and the Vans Warped Tour comps did back in the '90s and 2000s. And this set is scheduled to drop on Aug. 29. But here's your chance to check out Dead Formats, Vol. 1 in its entirety, complete with commentary from each of the acts on their chosen cover, giving props to those who helped pave the way for their music scene.

This set features such standout acts as State Champs, Four Years Strong and Hawthorne Heights alongside currently ascending acts such as Seeyouspacecowboy, Spanish Love Songs and Elder Brother among others. And the acts that they are paying homage to reads like a who's who of radio favorites from the last few decades, including covers of songs by My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Rancid, Blink-182, The White Stripes, The All-American Rejects and more.

"Compilation albums were huge for us growing up like Punk-O-Rama, The Atticus Dragging the Lake Comps, Warped Tour Comps, Revelation Records Comps etc. It's how we discovered a lot of artists we still love today. We wanted to do something that felt like a throwback to those also while highlighting the Pure Noise roster and songs they also loved or were inspired by," offered Pure Noise Records in a statement.

‘We’re so excited about this partnership. There are a lot of shared values between Pure Noise and PBR — independence, grit, being a sort of DIY underdog. We just love their energy, their roster of bands and artists, and feel grateful that they’ve invited us to collaborate on the idea and execution of this comp," added Nick Reely, VP of Marketing for Pabst Blue Ribbon.

You can check out the Dead Formats, Vol. 1 compilation along with the artist commentary just below the compilation artwork. And if you like what you hear, the collection is available with vinyl and merch options (including a keychain bottle opener) here, while there are streaming options here.

Pure Noise Records + Pabst Blue Ribbon, Dead Formats, Vol. 1

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Pure Noise Records / Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • State Champs, "What's My Age Again?"

    Originally by blink-182

    "It’s a kick ass song." - State Champs bassist Ryan Scott Graham

  • Four Year Strong, "Brain Stew / Jaded"

    Originally by Green Day

    "Green Day rules. They were the first band I liked. Hearing “Brain Stew” for the first time, I thought, 'If that's what guitars sound like, then I want to play guitar.'" - Four Year Strong singer-guitarist Dan O’Connor

  • Drug Church, "Someday I Suppose"

    Originally by Mighty Mighty Bosstones

    "Bosstones were one of the first bands to make me excited about music. Not to get too deep here, but I get emotional if I think back to that time when my child mind was in full discovery mode. For me, Bosstones were part of that formative moment where music is just starting to make sense but is still unknown enough to be thrilling. And the band was the perfect gateway to genres I've worked in for a long time since. The fact that this likable band I could play for my friends at school also covered Slapshot and Minor Threat BLEW MY MIND. This band I loved since age 12 and this hardcore thing I'm getting into at age 15 have crossover? How? It was like putting together a puzzle. I am grateful for Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and I hope this cover turns some younger listeners on to the 'plaid era' of the band." - Drug Church

  • Microwave, "Santeria"

    Originally by Sublime

    "We had a lot of fun putting together this cover. Sublime holds a sacred place in our hearts. What an incredibly chill band. What an incredibly chill song. We hope you'll curl up with a doob and an ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon and enjoy." - Microwave

  • LURK, "Fell in Love With a Girl"

    Originally by White Stripes

    "We were back and forth between a few options that would’ve made sense for us, but they almost made too much sense. LURK has a lot of garage rock influence so doing an early White Stripes song felt very natural while throwing our own little spin on it. That record was big for me as a kid learning guitar so it was cool to revisit it.” - LURK singer Kevin Kiley

  • Seeyouspacecowboy, "Seven Years"

    Originally by Saosin

    "When we were asked to be a part of this comp the hardest part was picking a song we could do justice to. We settled on 'Seven Years' and it was a ton of fun to cover a song we all love and that is so incredibly influential. We also had the pleasure of getting together with our good friend Cameron Nunez on yet another video." - Seeyouspacecowboy

  • Hawthorne Heights, "Inside Out"

    Originally by Eve 6

    “First of all, we’ve always considered ourselves the Eve 6 of Emo. They were always too pop for grunge and too grunge for pop. We have always been too poppy to be heavy and too heavy to be poppy. Back in the early 2000s, I was way more punk than I am now, and I still sang this song every time it was on the radio. Also, Max is funny on twitter. He changed the twitter handle to Eve Cigs and sucked me back into the blender for life." - Hawthorne Heights singer JT Woodruff

  • Spanish Love Songs, "We've Had Enough"

    Originally by Alkaline Trio

    "Alkaline Trio is one of the few bands that is universally beloved within our own band, so when we started thinking of something to tackle for the comp, it felt like a natural choice. As with all of our recording lately, this was done fully remote, so I sent Trevor a list of 7 of my favorite Trio songs and told him to surprise us. I think he picked the one we all secretly wanted to do the most and we ran with it from there." - Spanish Love Songs singer-guitarist Dylan Slocum

  • Elder Brother, "Welcome to the Black Parade"

    Originally by My Chemical Romance

    "MCR played the first show I ever went to by myself (opening for Finch, The Used and The Movielife) and immediately I was into them.

    "I saw them again shortly after that in the small room at the Worcester Palladium. My mom drove me to the show and on the way to pick me back up there was an accident on the highway, so she was late to get there. The show had been done for about an hour, and I was hanging out outside the venue as Gerard was walking back from a food truck that was parked across the street. As he went to go back inside, he saw I was just a random kid alone on the streets of Worcester and ended up sitting down and hanging out with me until my mom showed up. After that show I found myself with a new favorite band.

    "When Pure Noise told us the idea for this comp, we decided we wanted to pick a song we could do our own version of, not just a note for note cover. By the time The Black Parade came out, my musical tastes started to change and I actually don’t think I ever even bought that album, but I still have a soft spot for MCR knew we would be able to do something cool with it. Also Rancid was taken so our cover of 'Fall Back Down' will have to wait." - Elder Brother singer-guitarist Daniel Rose

  • Rotting Out, "Society"

    Originally by Pennywise

    "We chose to cover Pennywise because they are a huge inspiration on our band and the way we write. They are also from the same area of Los Angeles as we are. which is the South Bay area. This song was paying our respect to that band and our appreciation for what they influenced in us as kids." —Rotting Out singer Walter Delgado

  • Chamber, "Davidian"

    Originally by Machine Head

    "We love Machine Head and were between covering 'Davidian' or 'Ten Ton Hammer,' but we went with 'Davidian' because it’s the less obvious choice for us. The song is hard and we had a good time putting the cover together." - Chamber

  • Seaway, "I'm the One"

    Originally by Descendents

    "We learned about so many of our favorite bands from comps like Punk O'Rama and ….Dragging the Lake so it is amazing to be a part of something like that for the next generation. Descendents are an untouchable band in our eyes, so we didn’t really want to remake 'I’m the One' as we were sure it would pale in comparison. Instead we decided to put a more Seaway spin on it, so that fans wouldn’t have to compare our version to the original, but hopefully be able to appreciate both." - Seaway

  • Can't Swim, "Radio"

    Originally by Rancid

    "Rancid was all of our common denominators. A band that we all loved as kids that we equally love now. 'Radio' was our pick from their discography (which is packed with great songs) because it’s a love song and a punk song at the same time, something that is pretty hard to pull off as well as they did. Makes ya wanna grab your skateboard and call your girlfriend at the same time. Tim Armstrong forever." - Can't Swim singer Chris LoPorto

  • The Dirty Nil, "Filler"

    Originally by Minor Threat

    "We chose 'Filler' because what better time to cover a song about someone getting their head full of bullshit nonsense than now? Besides, it's pretty funny to put a straight edge band’s song on a beer compilation." - The Dirty Nil

  • Red City Radio, "Move Along"

    Originally by All-American Rejects

    "We were throwing song ideas around for this compilation and Derik (bass player) was the one who actually dropped 'Move Along' in the chat — and almost instantly everyone went 'YEP!' It's just a great tune and a certified pop-punk banger.

    "The vocal arrangement and chorus lends itself really well to how RCR sprinkles harmonies over just about everything. But the best part is, Mike Kennerty (AAR Guitarist) has produced, engineered and mixed our last few releases! I reached out to Mike and asked if he could mix a cover for us, but didn't tell him what it was and just sent him the files. He loved it, got a kick out of it, and even performed some backup harmony vocals on the track as well.

    "We recorded this track all over the place, actually: Drums were tracked in Brooklyn, NY. Bass was tracked in LA. Guitars and vocals were tracked in Walnut Creek. Additional backing vocals (Dallas & Mike) were tracked in Oklahoma. We want to give a shout out to Scott Goodrich, Kevin Besignano and Brett Romnes for additional engineering.

    "Lastly, but certainly not least, a thank you to Ian Legge aka The Punk Cellist for his performance on this as well. He is a true musical talent and we were spoiled to have him featured on this with us. Hope you all enjoy the tune as much as we enjoyed covering it. - Red City Radio guitarist Ryan Donovan

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