Who doesn't like chocolate!? It seems to be the universal treat for most people. I knew there were some places in the west Michigan area that sold chocolate, but I didn't realize we had our own "chocolatier" -- or maker of chocolate!

Mokaya, located at 638 Wealthy Street, SE, offers up "handcrafted chocolates and desserts made with quality and devotion" (according to their Facebook page).

I recently saw an article from Grand Rapids Magazine about how Mokaya has "partnered with a South American producer on a unique product."

Mokaya's Facebook page describes this new chocolate product as their "first bean-to-bar product in collaboration with Atucún!" What is that exactly?

Mokaya Owner Charles “Smitty” Golczynski partnered up with Efren Elvir Maradiaga, owner of a small family-run farm and operation in Comayagua, Honduras to create a chocolate called “Tree-to-Bar.”

The Terrero Blanco chocolate bar is described as a "juicy, flavorful, one-of-a-kind Honduran chocolate experience". It is made with premium quality cacao and natural cane sugar. The chocolate is molded and then dusted with gold lustre.

Golczynski described the taste as having "wonderful earthy mushroom tones, and you know you can taste the canopy forest feels to it.” Sounds intriguing!

This chocolate bar can only be found at Mokaya. You can order it online from the Mokaya website, or stop by in person at their storefront on Wealthy Street. Mokaya is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12:00 noon-6 pm. Local delivery is also available.

Mokaya also offers up other great sweet goodness, including house-made lemon ice cream and a layer of raspberry jam sandwiched between two raspberry macaron cookies. Sounds wonderful for a warm summer day!

Father's Day is coming up on Sunday, perhaps your Father would enjoy three white chocolate golf ball bonbons filled with dark chocolate ganache and raspberry jam, also available at Mokaya.

I have to go now, I have a feeling my car will be veering towards Wealthy Street in the VERY near future!



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