Grand Rapids Comic-Con keeps growing every year, and they always have some amazing guests and stars on hand. This year, there are a couple YouTube guests coming, who've done some amazing things in the metal music world.

First up, the two lovely ladies Camille and Kennerly, who put up videos of metal and rock songs performed on harp! They've covered Metallica, Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Evanescence, Queen, Megadeth, and tons more!

Not only are they beautiful women who can really play the harp, but they do some amazing versions of metal songs!

Next up, someone I've been watching for a while now, he's really funny, and has found an awesome niche. He's the Vegan Black Metal Chef! If you haven't watched his videos before, you should treat yourself.

Not only does he actually show you how to make vegan meals, if you're into that kind of thing, but he also wears the corpsepaint, and does the instructions in the most black metal style possible, complete with old-school black metal music!

Some of the random lines that will make you die laughing are like, "Fuck that one bell pepper in particular!", "Decapitate some garlic!", and "Add some sugar...a good bit of sugar, but so much that you're eating fucking candy!"

Laugh at his most recent video, where he teaches you..."NOTHING!"

GR Comic-Con is October 20-22 at DeVos Place. Get more details at tickets so you can be there!

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