After early forecasts have been calling for a warmer, drier winter in West Michigan, WoodTV 8 is breaking from these forecasts and are now saying that it will be colder and more snowy than normal.

Wood TV's change in forecast come because of analysis of global weather patterns.  The prediction for more snow and colder temperatures are due to the combination of a weaker El Nino, known as a Modoki, as well as increased early snowfall in Northern Canada.

It is extremely hard to predict winters in West Michigan, due to how drastically different they can be from year to year.  And right now, if you look at all the different forecasts, we could have an average winter, a mild winter, or a cold snowy winter.

So, we should do what any normal Michigander would do and just ignore the forecast all together and look out the window because it's a coinflip as to whether or not anyone's forecast is correct.

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