Social Distortion played 20 Monroe Live in GR Saturday night.

Frontman Mike Ness showed appreciation for young fans by bringing some kids on stage for a chat.

In the video, posted to YouTube by Heath McIntyre, Ness talks to the kids about teachers and paying attention in school and ends with,

" I want have a quick little talk. I want you to pay attention to the teachers in the school, because some of the stuff you're going to need to know. You're going to need to know mathematics so you can handle your finances... They're going to teach you to read and how to spell... They're going to teach you some history, I don't want you to pay no attention to that... Pay attention in class, but then go home, get on the computer, see what's really going on. What I'm trying to say is that history is a little white-washed, not always the truth. But ladies and gentlemen, don't you think that these kids are in school right now? They're at a Social D show. That's something a teacher just can't teach you. That's right, it's about life."

Susie shared the video with us, saying her son Alex is one of the kids Ness brought up on stage.

"It was awesome!", Susie says, "[Ness] gave him his guitar pick he was playing with and made him feel on top of the world!"

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