With concerts, sporting events, schools and more all being postponed or canceled, social distancing is our best tool in the fight against the spreading of the coronavirus.

According to the Associated Press, in order to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, health officials are placing more of the responsibility on each of us as individuals to help slow this pandemic. Social distancing seems to be the answer.

  • People need to stay far enough away from each other so the coronavirus simply can't spread to another person. Six feet apart is the current suggestion.
  • Included in the 6 foot rule, no touching other people. No handshakes, hugs or high fives.
  • Granted social distancing will not prevent 100% of coronavirus transmissions, but by following these simple rules, it can play a serious role in slowing the spread.
  • Social distancing, if done correctly by everyone, can break or slow the chain of infecting others.
  • At this time social distancing is our only tool we have available to fight in the spread of the coronavirus.
  • A vaccine for the virus is still at least a year to a year and half away from being completed.
  • Everyone should immediately be practicing social distancing until this becomes a full time habit. We have to watch out for our elderly and make sure we do all we can to protect those most vulnerable to catch the virus.
  • If everyone takes social distancing serious and sticks to it, this should help avoid overwhelming our health care system.

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