With the snowfall that Michigan received over the holiday break, most of Michigan has enough snow for snowmobilers to get out and enjoy some wintery social distancing.

Over the holiday break, I was plowing my driveway as the snowmobiles were racing by my house to hit the trails. Well, I was lucky enough to do a little snowmobiling myself.

My brother-in-law owns a couple snowmobiles and brought them to store in my barn since he didn't have the room at his place or a place to ride. So, he trailered up the sleds so the family could do a little riding together around Christmas.

Well the weather at my place didn't cooperate on Christmas, but the following week my place got dumped on with snow. I shot my brother-in-law a text and said, "Hey, if you guys are bored we've got snow."

So my brother-in-law Chris, my sister and nephew came back up and we did a little snowmobiling around the property and some trails that are down the road from my house.

I haven't rode a snowmobile in many years and had forgotten how much fun it was. We took our sons out with us and just had a blast riding around the house. Chris and I did do some bigger runs when the boys got tired and needed to warm up but all in all it was pretty fun.

Not sure how much snow we will get in 2021, but for those who like to enjoy a good snowmobiling trail or two in Michigan, so far looks like you are gonna have a great season.

If you are eager to get out and do some snowmobiling or looking for some new places to ride, here is a list of designated snowmobile trails for the state of Michigan.

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