Come for the "smurf roof" stay for the lake frontage and seven car garage. And hey, if blue is your color, it's not just the roof...

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Yes, this is definitely a unique home on the market in West Bloomfield, Mich., for $4.19 million! Take a tour in the gallery below!

The three-level 7,476 ft. residence has seven bedrooms, 5 full and 3 half baths, nine fireplaces - and of course, a blue roof.

Gwen J Schultz, Coldwell Banker
Gwen J Schultz, Coldwell Banker

Now, if you're looking for an explanation on why the roof is blue... well, that I can't tell you! (What we CAN tell you is that it was installed by Custom Shingles, and they call it their "Country Cottage Roofing System.")

I went hunting in the listing for some mention of the interestingly-colored roof... and there is none! We do learn that the house was originally built in 1920 and "since 2005, the owners have passionately restored this grand home to the charm and character of the period." It also says the "enchanting" home is reminiscent of the  "Cotswold style". Which, is what exactly?

According to wikipedia,

The Cotswold style of architecture is a style based on houses from the Cotswold region of England, and is sometimes called the storybook style... The Cotswold style of architecture is characterized by simplicity. The original Cotswold cottages were built for rural laborers, including farmers who reared sheep. Additionally, the rural location of the Cotswold region limited access to building materials.

Ahhh, well the mansion does have a storybook feel to it... a storybook about The Smurfs - haha!

Not that I don't love it! I know blue isn't for everyone, but I'm a fan. You'll also find shades of blue in the the home's patio furniture, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Check out the residence inside and outside below and see what you think! I'd be all in (aside from the price tag...) for the the 175 feet of sandy shoreline on Pine Lake and 100 ft. dock alone!

Unique Michigan "Smurf House" on Market for $4.19 Million

A unique storybook-style home with a stunning blue roof is for sale in West Bloomfield for $4.19 Million. In addition to the interestingly-colored roof, you find the levels, seven bedrooms, 5 full and 3 half baths, nine fireplaces, and 175 feet of frontage on Pine Lake.

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