UPDATE (7:10PM ET): Slipknot have officially announced their new album 'The End, So Far' and have debuted a music video for the new song "The Dying Song (Time to Sing)." Get all of the information here.

We've been getting subtle hints here and there for a while now, but Slipknot are actually teasing something now, based on a post on their social media and a mysterious update on their website.

"The beginning of the end," the band wrote in a tweet, which then links off to their site. There's also a video clip embedded in the post, which starts off with Clown's voice saying, "This is Slipknot," and then shows a compilation of photos and footage of the band over the years. "Death isn't gonna stop Slipknot, original members not being around isn't gonna stop Slipknot," Clown can be heard saying a little bit further into the clip.

The last 12 seconds of the video sound like a sample of a new song, with Corey Taylor snarling, "Die!" over and over and then screaming. See it for yourself below.

Upon visiting Slipknot's website, fans will be presented with nothing but a black screen and a couple of times listed next to each other — that's it. There isn't a navigation menu or any other options to explore, so we'll have to wait until those times approach and see what the 'Knot have to say.

Some Maggots have replied to the tweet questioning what "end" the band was referencing.

"The end of what exactly? Don't tell me this is it," one wrote.

"The capitalization of 'The End' leads me to think that the snippet of a song we get at the end of the video is the beginning of a song (or album) called 'The End.' I hope…," another theorized.

During a Knotfest show in early June, Taylor told the audience that new Slipknot music would likely be coming out "within the next month." If the teaser is regarding new music, it'll be their first release since they dropped "The Chapeltown Rag" in November of 2021.

Catch Slipknot on tour on the fall North American leg of the Knotfest Roadshow with Ice Nine Kills and Crown the Empire. See the upcoming dates here and head to this location for tickets.

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