Yesterday, April 6th, Johnny Solinger announced that he had left Skid Row, and was going to do his own thing, and that everything was cool with him and the band, it was just time to move on. The band announced that afternoon that they had a new singer already, Tony Harnell formerly of TNT.

All seems good, right? Everyone is happy, there's no idiocy going on, all is well.

Screw THAT! Skid Row needs press, and letting someone bow out of the band gracefully can't be tolerated!

Today, Skid Row announced that in actuality, they FIRED Johnny Solinger!

Contrary to what he may be saying — and this is not a 'he said, she said' thing — this is something that we had discussed for a while. And it was our decision and we made the call and informed him that we were making a change and we were gonna be going forward as SKID ROW with a new singer.

How is that NOT the douchie thing to do? Why couldn't you have left things as they were? Johnny's statement was brief, polite, he didn't attack the band, kept everything cool. Skid Row announced their new singer, no one bothered too much with it.

Or maybe that's the problem? You think the Skid Row guys are pissed that no one freaking CARED about the change? Did they do this solely for some sort of conversation to happen? Are they hoping this will suddenly make them relevant again, and have tons of chicks come out to their shows?

Seriously guys, you should have left it alone. Now you just come across as douche-bags.

Score a point for teams Sebastian Bach/Johnny Solinger, I guess.

The only time Skid Row ever gets a mention is when Sebastian Bach is doing something (good or bad), and every report on it mentions that he used to be their singer 400 years ago, and people want a reunion. Other than that, how many of you even realized the band was still together?

Remember back in the day when Slave to the Grind came out, and Skid Row had their one album of coolness, and even toured with Pantera? I miss that, too.