Motley Crue mainstay Nikki Sixx has revealed that his namesake act Sixx: A.M. isn't currently working on a new album. However, the group is preparing more "individual tracks" to be released in the future.

That's the latest from the Crue bassist who recently released one-off single "Talk to Me" with his Sixx: A.M. outfit. The tune was issued in conjunction with the National Opioid Action Coalition in an effort to confront the stigma surrounding opioid addiction. But while Sixx: A.M. won't use the track as a starting point for a new full-length effort, there are more freestanding songs in the works for a planned musical adaptation of Sixx's 2007 memoir The Heroin Diaries, according to the 60-year-old musician. Listen to Sixx's recent interview down toward the bottom of this post.

"We're releasing stuff, little by little," Sixx told Brittany Furlan (who happens to be his Motley Crue bandmate Tommy Lee's current wife) on the host's "Worst Firsts" podcasts this month. "No touring or anything right now… We're not working on an album right now; we're working on individual tracks. A lot of the music's gonna be going into the musical that we're working on right now, 'cause those lyrics were written around the subject. And there's probably four or five new songs as well that are in the musical from that."

Elsewhere in the chat, the musician recalled the recent downtime for Sixx: A.M. that culminated in the December 2017 finale of his longtime radio program, Sixx Sense. However, the rocker indicated that he's ready to get back on the horse, as far as creativity is concerned.

"It's been nice to be off the road," Sixx continued in the talk transcribed by Blabbermouth. "'Cause I was doing a radio show, I was doing Motley Crue and I was doing Sixx: A.M. And I was doing my photography. I was just burnt out. So I left radio, Sixx A.M., put it on hold, Motley retired. And I'm feeling really recharged right now. And [my wife and I] have a new baby and stuff, so I'm so happy to be home for that and be home for my other kids and my wife. But I'm about ready to start getting the creative juices going again."

The bassist first teased Sixx: A.M.'s 2019 return late last year. In March, Sixx stated his marquee outfit had "just done four new songs" for a plotted hits collection that will tie in with the upcoming musical.

Nikki Sixx Talks to Brittany Furlan on 'Worst Firsts' Podcast (Oct. 12, 2019)

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