Stanning sign language interpreters has become a celebrated Internet pastime, thanks to each translator’s relentless dedication to emoting with the music. These 10 interpreters are metal masters, so check out their work in this Loud List.

One of the biggest metal ASL videos comes from a Lamb of God show, where a female interpreter unleashes her inner beast through Randy Blythe’s voice. As she sways back and forth in time with the music, her facial expressions and gestures churn up metal’s essential dynamics, and she even jams air guitar during instrumental parts. Lady works overtime!

Another batch of incredible facial expressions comes from an interpreter working an In This Moment show. Drawing from Maria Brink’s theatrical performance, the translator completely dives into the music, becoming a personification of In This Moment’s twisted circus. It’s a tough call, but this ASL star is the GOAT in her craft.

Want a wholesome moment? Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust gave an interpreter a moment of the spotlight during a Shiprocked set, getting up-close-and-personal with the translator and evening singing face-to-face with her. It’s an epic duet that you’ve gotta see for yourself.

Check out these 10 Epic Sign Language Interpreters at Metal Shows in the Loud List below.

10 Epic Sign Language Interpreters at Metal Shows

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