The City of Saginaw has a proposed dog ordinance on the docket that would brand Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Alaskan Malamutes and others as “dangerous” dogs. Owners would then have to register their dogs, then post a city-provided sign at their place of residence.  Some think after so many dog attacks that some breeds (Pitbulls in particular) should be banned.

Here's a list of recent dog attacks in our area:

* A 60-year-old Wyoming man was hospitalized after an attack by two pit bulls while taking his garbage out Tuesday.

* In February a 10-day-old baby was mauled to death in Kalamazoo

* In January a 8-year-old Bay City boy needed stitches after Pitbull bites.

Should West Michigan cities adopt more strict laws against dangerous dog breeds? Should we ban Pit Bulls and other dog breeds considered dangerous? We want to hear from you. In the meantime lets go over several ways to help reduce the risk of dog bites:

If confronted by a dog trying to sniff you, stand still, do not try to run away. Most dogs will move away after determining that you are not a threat.

  • Never interfere with a dog that is caring for its puppies.
  • Never startle a dog by waking it up or throwing an object in its direction.
  • Do not disturb a dog while it is eating or drinking.
  • If you feel threatened by a dog, do not run. A dog's instinct may be to give chase. Stay calm. If you speak, talk in a firm voice without screaming.
  • Be very mindful of your children around all dogs, including family pets. Most dog bites occur to children.
  • If you think a dog may attack, remain motionless with hands at your sides. Once the dog loses interest in you, slowly back away until the dog is out of sight.
  • If the dog does attack, "feed" the dog your jacket, purse, bicycle, or anything that you can put between yourself and the dog.
  • If you fall or are knocked to the ground, curl into a ball with your hands over your ears and remain motionless. Do not scream or roll around.