Shinedown bassist Eric Bass called in to chat with GRD about the show Wednesday, July 25 at Soaring Eagle Casino, producing Shinedown's latest album, and more.

Even though he's probably heard it 9 million times, we just had to know... he's a bass player and his last name is "Bass"... so is it pronounced like the instrument or the fish?

Fish, it turns out. Eric indulged us, even though yeah, we're sure hearing it gets old. :)

Shindedown's tour with Godsmack just kicked off in Detroit over the weekend. Eric let us know he was super impressed when he saw Godsmack's set and that Shinedown is also bringing it this time around too!

Eric produced Shinedown's latest album "Attention Attention", and shared with us:

It was an interesting journey to produce a full album for the band. I've done songs in the past, I did songs like Cut the Cord, and Diamond Eyes, and some stuff for some movie soundtracks, like I'm Alive, which is on the first Avengers movie soundtrack... so doing individual songs is one thing, but when you talk about doing the whole album for your band, you know you can get worried about losing perspective because that's what a producer brings to the table is perspective, and when you've written these songs and then done the demo version and then you are going in to produce, you really want to make sure you maintain your objectivity. But you know, we all work so well together, we have a great relationship in Shinedown. We're not one of these bands you are going to see on some really dark 'Behind the Music' about how we all hate each other or anything. We all still ride the same bus... we just carry that into everything else in our lives, like right into the studio... We made it out of there I think with a really great record, and something we are truly proud of.

Eric also chatted with us about his recent health scare (he's totally better, thank goodness! And ready to rock tomorrow night!), what sort of visual effects they are bringing on this tour, and more. Check out the full interview above for the rest!

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