We've been biting our nails since the news broke last week that Ozzy Osbourne tested positive for COVID-19, and that his wife Sharon flew home to be with him during his recovery. She's now given another update on his status, and confirmed that their entire household now has the virus as well.

Osbourne first revealed that her husband had contracted the illness last week on her new show Talk TV, and she tearfully added how worried she was about him. Their family had gone over two years since the first case appeared in the U.S. in February of 2020 without getting it themselves, until now.

In a new video interview [via TMZ], she assured that the Prince of Darkness is doing much better, his temperature has gone back to normal and he's been coughing less.

"I've got some news to share also," she added. "My daughter Kelly now has it, I have it and the entire household has it now."

While she laughed at the idea of Ozzy getting out of bed to take care of her now that she's tested positive, she said she's actually feeling okay, so it's a relief to hear that they've all had bearable experiences with the virus so far.

Watch the clip below.

Osbourne had previously been in the U.K. kicking off her new career with Talk TV. The couple are actually planning to move back to their home country permanently, which was first reported back in early March as being a result of the high taxes in Los Angeles. In the meantime, we should be hearing more details about Ozzy's upcoming new solo album over the next few weeks — he confirmed back in April that it's finished.

Best of luck to the entire Osbourne family as they recover from COVID.

Sharon Osbourne Gives Ozzy COVID Update, Whole House Now Has It

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