Hi, I'm Johnnie, and I'm a huge metal fan. I'm also completely terrified of sharks. That's their world we get into, and they have all the advantages. They're perfect killing machines, and we're dumbasses trying to get close to them. And luckily(?) we have found fun ways of bringing them to us so we can get closer to them!

Wait, what? Why would we WANT them coming for us? Has NO ONE watched Jaws?

Apparently, the sharks LOVE heavy metal music, especially death metal! Scientists are using metal to attract sharks to film them, and learn more about these scary killers! Can I get a f*** yeah?!

They still scare me enough to make me wear my brown pants near the ocean, but I love the fact that they love metal! Crank it up, and I'll jump in with them.

Wait...no...no, I won't. But I'll most from shore.

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