The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say STD's are at an all time high.

For a little over a year Michiganders and the rest of the United States have been locked down at times and definitely not as socially active because of the pandemic. It would seem that people who were already partners might be having more sex since there hasn't been much to do in the past year. What is surprising that somehow STD's have sky rocketed.

According to WOOD, STD's have jumped 30% since 2015, so basically every new year surpasses the last year as the as the all time high.

STD's like chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis keep rising but one of the most alarming pieces of data is that newborns coming into the world with syphilis. Mothers can pass the disease onto their newborns.

There has not been a condom shortage even during the pandemic but it seems less and less people are using them and that will contribute to the rise in STD's each year.

The CDC says that minority groups, youth, gay and bisexual men have seen the biggest rise in cases and have been hit the hardest.

It wasn't that long ago when the United States as a whole has just about wiped out syphilis, gonorrhea were at the lowest in the history of the country. Kind of like people are not wearing their masks these days, well over the past 20 years people have stopped practicing safe sex.

With all the COVID-19 cases in the past year and limited access for people to get proper healthcare have been a huge obstacle for those who have contracted an STD.

Those ages 15 to 24 have seen massive surge in chlamydia and gonorrhea cases.

People need to no longer let down their guard if they are going to be sexually active and use protection always because Michigan and the rest of the country are going the wrong way on the battle against STD's.

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