A couple years ago, this crazy dude named Brian Sloan hit Indiegogo to crowd-fund his idea for a new masturbation machine he appropriately called the "AutoBlow2". I'm not sure what happened to the "AutoBlow1", but the second one is the one that got all the attention. He was looking to raise $45,000 and got almost $80,000!

That's a lot of interest from people who don't get laid much. Like me. I guess I should have become a backer, eh? Hahaha!

Well now, Brian has his latest Indiegogo campaign up for his new masturbation tool, the "3FAP"! You have to give him credit for the fun names, right?

This is essentially an non-motorized, three tube manual device, for those people who thought the motor in the "AutoBlow2" was too loud, and want to tap without drawing any attention to themselves. You know who you are.

The new toy, the "3FAP", also has three different holes, with different openings and textures inside, so you can do things to yourself a lot more, and not get bored with the...jeez...what am I even saying? Watch the video.

So, if you're interested in this crazy product, and missed the "AutoBlow2" video, enjoy that below...well, don't enjoy THAT much...I'm going to just stop now.