Last month, I reported on a new group of lunch-goers that were making their server very happy. A group called Generosity Lunch surprised their server at Brann's Steakhouse and Grille, on Leonard Street NW, with a tip of $1,038.77.

The group gathers people together monthly to enjoy a nice lunch. Each person is to bring $100 in cash with them. The money is collected and then the group enjoys good company and a nice lunch at a Grand Rapids restaurant. At the end of the meal, the host pays the bill -- and whatever money is left over is given to the server as a tip!

The Generosity Lunch group met up again this month -- on Wednesday, March 16th. This time they met at Bud & Stanley's Pub and Grub at 1701 Four Mile Road on the city's northeast side.

A total of 13 people were in attendance. When all the money was collected from all the individuals, they had a total of $1,400. The group ate their lunch, had great conversations, and then received their bill of $172.36 for their meals.

The cost of the meals was subtracted from the $1,400 that was collected, leaving a total of $1,227.64 for their server.

This month's lucky server happened to be a waiter named Connor K. Here is the video of Generosity Lunch presenting him with the over $1,200 tip...

The group plans to do this monthly -- at a different location every time. Want to be a part of the generous lunch group? Leave them a message on the website.


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