Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about the state piping our Great Lakes water to states like Arizona. They want the water sold like oil. There's a reason why we have water, and Arizona doesn't. Deal with it.

We deal with horrible weather and cold for so many months, and the payoff: We get fresh water for our enjoyment. There's nothing living in Arizona, and there's no water. Move where the water is.

Next up, that shady roofer, Dennis Upton, who wrecked an elderly couple's home has been charged with operating without a license, and the couple has gotten in trouble, too! The inspectors told the homeowners that the unlicensed idiot hadn't even filed any permits for the crappy job he did.

This scumbag took $11,000 from Randy and Denise Shattuck, and disappeared. The couple is now looking for the $20,000 it will take to fix their home, and we're all hoping that scumbag loser goes to jail.

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