Finding videos from a band's performances while they were still in their infancy is like finding gold. Footage from death metallers The Black Dahlia Murder's first three shows ever has surfaced online, and the band actually shared it on their socials so their fans can check it out.

The band put a laughing-with-tears emoji at the end of the tweet, so they obviously find the clips entertaining.

Three videos were uploaded yesterday (May 5) on the Preserving Hardcore YouTube channel. According to the descriptions, the group's first show took place in April of 2001, the second was later that year in September and the third was just a few weeks later in October. At least one of the performances took place in Michigan, and all three were filmed by someone named Justin Schrank.

The footage from the band's first two concerts don't give a great view of the venue the band performed at or the exact size of the audience, but you can definitely tell by the third one that they were performing for a larger group of people, and in a room with better lighting.

See the videos below.

Isn't it cool to see a band's following grow overtime and their shows become more professional-looking? Luckily for them, they kept progressing. Two years after these clips were shot, the band released their debut album Unhallowed, and have put out another eight records since.

It's unlikely that you were in attendance at any of these shows (but if you were, good for you!), but if you're in Europe, you'll have a chance to see The Black Dahlia Murder play later this year. Check out their website for all of their upcoming dates.

The Black Dahlia Murder's First Show Ever

The Black Dahlia Murder's Second Show Ever

The Black Dahlia Murder's Third Show Ever

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