Neanderthals saw this last during the Ice Age but folks here in Michigan will get a chance to see this later this week.

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Who Were Neanderthals?

Stoneage hunters

You have to go back about 40,000 years to a time when Neatherthals walked the Earth. Neanderthals who are now extinct were once a subspecies of archaic humans who lived in Eurasia.

Bettmann Archive/Getty Images
Bettmann Archive/Getty Images

While it's unclear what caused Neanderthals to become extinct, seeing a comet flying through the sky may have been like seeing a UFO like when humans today see something in the sky they cannot explain.

Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)

Comet in a night time scene. The Christmas star?

What is Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)? This comet was originally identified as an asteroid but after further inspection, it was determined to be a comet. It wasn't discovered until March 2022 but in a few days Michiganders will be able to take a look at the comet for the first time in over 40,0000, and more than likely will not have to use binoculars or a telescope.

See Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) January 12 Through February 2


The last folks to get a peek at Comet C/2022 EX (ZTF) were the Neanderthals over 40,000 years ago. Comets and asteroids are different and will appear differently in the sky. Comets are made of dust, ice, and rock materials, while asteroids are made of rocky materials and metals.

Long Tran The//ThinkStock/GettyStock

MLive reported that you will be able to see the comet from Sunday, January 12 through February 2. The comet will be able to be seen during the pre-dawn morning hours. It will look bright in the center and have more like a cloud effect around it like in the picture above.

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