Scott Weiland hasn't been exactly silent since his split with Stone Temple Pilots, and he doesn't seem to be in regular communication with them, either.

In a recent interview, he was asked about a reunion with STP (of course), and he said he'd heard they were having a "cattle call" for a new singer, and maybe he should join the cattle call.

He went on to tell that people we're buying into the new STP with Chester Bennington thing, and they sold a small amount of copies of the EP.

It's like STP hiring Chester Bennington. They made an album and it sold 35,000 units. That's kind of unbelievable considering STP sold over 40 million and I'm sure Chester's band Linkin Park has sold pretty much the same amount. It didn't work, though. People weren't buying into it.


STP has filed a lawsuit against Weiland for playing STP songs, Weiland sued's all gotten ugly, but Weiland says he'd still do shows with the band to make money.  Big shows, at festivals.

Way to take one for the team, Scott.  That'll get them excited about bringing you back into the band quicker.