Did you know that there's a Foundation for Responsible Robotics? I didn't, either. But the scientists from the FRR have released a report asking people to think about our future with sex robots. They even have some suggestions on how we can prepare!

The report covers such topics as:

Would people have sex with a robot?
What kind of relationship can we have with a robot?
Will robot sex workers and bordellos be acceptable?
Will sex robots change societal perceptions of gender?
Could sexual intimacy with robots lead to greater social isolation?
Could robots help with sexual healing and therapy?
Would sex robots help to reduce sex crimes?

via ResponsibleRobotics.org

No surprise, they found that 2/3 of men are totally into the idea of banging a robot, and about the same about of women are grossed out by the thought.

They also reveal that there's already been a prediction that Amsterdam will have robotic sex workers in the red light district by 2050! Really, so far away?

One of the main warnings from the report is one I think we can all stand behind:

We need to ban sex robots designed to look like children.

It's kind of sad that this is something that even has to be said. But they'd like to head off the business of selling sex robots that look like kids to the group of people that would like to use them. I'm right there with that idea. I don't even care that it's not a real kid. Why would you want to do things like that with something that looks like a kid?

They also ponder the question, could intimacy with robots lead to greater social isolation?

Well, considering probably most of the people in their garages building sex robots are pretty isolated now...but I guess they're wondering if normally friendly people would get addicted to banging robots, and stop trying to hang out with real people.

Maybe. People can be really mean. And rejection sucks.

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