Rite Aid are now accepting appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations.

During the pandemic, area Rite Aid locations have been great for getting free COVID-19 tests. Heck I went to them twice just to make sure I was good. They were quick and I got my results back both times in two days. Just a friendly reminder, it never hurts to get a test, we are not out of the woods yet.

Now that many of the first round of folks who were eligible for the vaccine have been vaccinated, the rest of us can start registering to get out vaccination.

According to MLive, most Michigan residents are currently eligible of getting vaccinated and you can schedule your appointment now at your local Rite-Aid.

Currently Rite-Aid are vaccinating those 65 and older, healthcare workers, long-term care residents and staff, pharmacy staff, and public health employees. The state has announced they are soon moving to the second phase of vaccinations for those 50 plus.

Now would be the perfect time to get registered knowing the first round is coming to an end. I got myself registered right before I wrote this article. Both of my parents have been vaccinated so now I feel comfortable to sign up.

The only ones that Rite-Aid are not currently authorized to vaccinate are school staff, child care workers or correctional officers. Now this list of people are eligible for the vaccine but will have to seek another place to get one.

If there is a Rite-Aid in your city or your county then you are in an area where you can get vaccinated. Just don't go to the Rite-Aid to sign up, all of the registration is being done online.

You are not able to make an appointment to get vaccinated at Rite-Aid by phone either. You can schedule your appointment right now by clicking here. It is quick and easy. They will email you when they have an open slot.

Michigan is not the only state Rite-Aid are able to provide vaccinations, they are also doing them in California, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Philadelphia and New York City. Rite-Aid is one of the first pharmacy's to take on the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program.

Make your appointment here now!

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