You may or may not have come across the Lowe's Home Improvement coupon offering $50 off for Mother's Day. Be careful because it may look totally legit but it's NOT.

If you click on the coupon link it will take you to a website, which looks very similar to Lowe's website, to fill out a survey in exchange for the coupon. This is a SCAM. The website is not real and the survey is designed to steal your information.

Lowe's confirmed this was a scam when a Facebook user asked them about it on their page. Their response:

...Please be careful. These offers are a phishing scam to gather information and are not affiliated with Lowe's in any way."

That means this coupon will NOT be honored at any Lowe's store in the country. Similar coupons have popped up in the past for other retailers so be careful what you click on. The Better Business Bureau has useful tips when it comes to these online coupon/gift card scams that include:

  • Don't believe everything you see
  • Read the fine print
  • Check to see if the coupon is legit (This website is a good tool)
  • Be wary if the "company" offering the coupon is asking for your credit card or bank information

You can find more tips from the BBB here and here.


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