With rising gas prices come alternative ways people try to get gas without having to pay for it. Jewelry for gas is the new scam to be on the lookout for.

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Michigan High Gas Prices

Gas sign with high prices
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Gas prices are at an all-new record high in the state of Michigan as of Memorial weekend. With high gas prices, people have begun to get creative on how they attempt to acquire a tank of gas.


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Dynamic Graphics/Getty Images

Since the beginning of time, people have bartered to get stuff that they need. This usually involved one person having an item to trade with another person for an item they have you need.

Back in the earlier days in Michigan, many fur trappers would go to a trading post to exchange furs they gathered in exchange for items the trappers needed to survive.

A woman outside of the trading post.
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People even to this day, still trade for goods and services when it works out for both parties involved.

Fake Jewelry in Exchange For Gas

jewelry and accessories for sale in jeweler's bench at exposure

Over the Memorial weekend, there was an issue of some people offering fake jewelry in return for cash donations to be used for food and gas.

According to MLive, a family who was driving a red 2021 Chevrolet Suburban with Illinois license plate FB94576 in Emmet County were begging for money saying they needed it for food and gasoline but this turned out to be false.


One of the people who fell for the scam decided to follow them and learned the family was doing this at multiple gas stations. Asking for money and if someone made a donation they would give them fake jewelry.

The victim who followed the family approached the scammers and questioned what they were doing and that is when the victim was assaulted.


Police are looking for this rental vehicle and if you have seen it you are urged to contact the Michigan State Police post in Gaylord at 989.732.2778

Gasoline Theft

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With gas prices at record highs, you better believe stealing gas will rise to an all-new level. This may be a good time for a locked gas cap for your vehicle and make sure your gas containers around your home are out of sight and locked away to reduce the chance of theft.

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