Even though we recently went through some of the worst heat and humidity in Michigan, that wasn't enough to melt the little bit of snow left in the U.P.

A video was posted to Facebook on July 24th of a resident in Mohawk (located in the Keweenaw Peninsula), who was shocked to find a snow mound especially since he says it's been 85-90 degrees there as of late. You can skip to the 1:00-minute mark to get right to the action.


The video has almost 300K views & over 5,000 shares and has lots of people surprised. Honestly, though, it's the U.P., is it really that surprising? You can see the guy shoveling throw the snow and hitting it with a hammer. Not sure if they attempted to get rid of it but he might as well leave it there because in true Michigan fashion it'll be back in just a few months lol.

So what do you do when it's July and you see snow on the ground? You do what this guy did and pull out a White Claw. Cheers to a summer weekend!

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