If you've been wanting to go to college or finish a degree but money has been tight, you can save some money by taking summer classes online.

According to WOOD, this summer Grand Rapids Community College will be offering their online summer classes and not charging for all the usual fees.

The fees that GRCC are talking about are the universal fees that involve record keeping, technology, facilities, student activities and those classes that cost more because of extra materials you need to take them.

You can save even more money if you purchase used books but Grand Rapids Community College book store will be offering free shipping for books and any additional school supplies you may need.

When this pandemic ends the workforce will be hiring like crazy so if you are close to getting your degree, these two summer sessions the GRCC are offering could help you save money and get to the finish line quicker.

It looks like you can save over $200 and get six credits for each of the two summer sessions. If you already paid a head the school will refund your tuition money.

The first summer session will last 14 weeks and will be all online. The second session is supposed to begin June 30 and the school is talking about social distance learning and face to face classes. This could change due to the coronavirus and the unknown of where the outbreak may take us.

To sign up for the GRCC summer classes online just click here.

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