A man in Saugatuck received a letter addressed to his dog, which is weird to begin with, but then it gets weirder.

The letter was from the State Unemployment Insurance Agency office, informing his dog that he is eligible for $360 a week in benefits. WTF?

According to WZZM, Michael Haddock's German Shepherd is named Ryder, and last week he received a letter from the State addressed to Michael Ryder. Since the only Ryder Haddock knows is the dog, he opened it, only to find his dog had been working at a Detroit area restaurant, lost his job, and was eligible for unemployment benefits.

Haddock posted about the new found money to his Facebook page.

“Not sure what he is going to do with the money, but it should be interesting. I knew he was clever, but he surprised me this time.”

This letter comes only days after the State announced they would be cracking down on fraudulent unemployment claims. The letter has been turned over to them.

Haddock says he has no idea if a real Michael Ryder exists, how the letter got sent to his house, or if the claim has actually been approved, and that the whole coincidence has left him baffled.

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