A protest aimed at Utah’s conservative politics has set a Guinness world record for the most people running in their underwear at the same time. Talk about a “fun run”! 

2,270 people stripped down and then ran down the streets of Salt Lake City on Sept. 24, shattering the previous record of a mere 550, which had been set in England in 2010.

Due to the event’s overwhelming success, organizers say the fleshy fun run will be repeated next August. Because the dog days of summer are the perfect time for a bunch of sweaty people to be running through the streets in their unmentionables.

A video of the run is below. (Look out for the Pac-Man trio towards the end.) Since the runners are only in their skivvies, it’s mostly safe for work.  Unless you work in an underwear factory. Then it’s entirely safe.

[via AOL]

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