If you are overdue to get a haircut or some color - good news - salons and barber shops are now open across Michigan, but there are some new rules.

Back in mid March when the shut down began, salons and barber shops had to close their doors. This led to many funny home hair cuts and dye jobs that landed on the internet for our enjoyment.

I have really long hair so this didn't really effect me at all since I only get my hair trimmed once or twice a year. Luckily, had that trim about a month before the shutdown.

Salons and barber shops are the one industry along with a few others where close contact is necessary in order to complete the job.

With COVID-19, salons and barbers have to be ultra careful in order to serve their clients.

Monday, June 15, is the official reopening of salons and barber shops and they have been preparing for a long time for this day.

The state of Michigan has provided new guidelines for salons and barber shops to protect staff and clients from the coronavirus. The work areas need to be cleaned and sanitized for each individual customer. Clients have to check in from their car and pay by phone. For now, salons will be a no cash businesses until further notice.

Clients will need to get a temperature check and fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire. Then, clients will need to sanitize themselves before entering the work station.

So things will be very different in order to receive the services to your hair that you used to get done, but at least now a professional will be doing it instead of an unlicensed family member.

You may want to reach out to your salon or barber before setting an appointment in order to get the rules before your next visit.

Rainbows After the Storm - June 11, 2020

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