Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante recruited an all-star lineup to record a quarantine cover of Rush's "Freewill" last year and now he's back with "Subdivisons," which he promised is all part of a tribute EP that will be released for Record Store Day in November. Joining him on the cover is Testament's Alex Skolnick, Suicidal Tendencies' Ra Diaz, Crobot singer Brandon Yeagley and keyboardist Mee Eun Kim.

The song is taken off Rush's 1982 album, Signals, where drummer Neil Peart wrote about social schisms among the youth and, in the video below, the five musicians do an excellent job honoring the Canadian prog trio's legacy.

"One year ago I had this idea to make a video while in quarantine. I was feeling pretty down about the passing of Neil Peart and about the pandemic... I needed to be creative and play! I contacted Alex Skolnick and Ra Diaz about doing a Rush song and video and they both liked the idea," Benante reflected on how this idea began. "I felt that they were probably feeling the same way I was and that this would be a great way of jamming and entertaining while we were stuck home."

The Anthrax skinsman went on to call that initial response "overwhelming" and noted that it brought joy to the participants amid a difficult time.

Benante kept moving forward with other various quarantine covers, which have been rounded up for release on May 14 as the Silver Linings album.

"The Rush songs will be out on a special EP on Record Store Day in November," he clarified. "This song will be included on that. 'Subdivisions' is probably in every Rush fan’s top 10 songs, definitely one of their best. The keyboards dominate this tune and Neil's sound on it is so unique! His drum fills are so precise and powerful... like little hooks throughout the song, an air drummer’s dream! The lyrics tell a tale of life in the burbs and being shunned when you don't meet a certain standard — 'Subdivisions / In the high school halls / In the shopping malls / Conform or be cast out!'"

While thanking all of the musicians who joined in, Benante also joked that this "may be one of the last ones for a bit... unless Alex wants to do that Emerson Lake and Palmer tune (hahahahaha)."

Let's hope we eventually see that too.

Watch Benante, Alex Skolnick, Ra Diaz, Brandon Yeagley and Mee Eun Kim play "Subdivsions" directly below.

Rush, "Subdivisions" (Quarantine Cover)

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