Michigan will soon have rocket launch sites around the state with the command center located at a Upper Peninsula airport.

It is just crazy how technology keeps changing, with electric cars, solar power, robots, computers, phones, talks of flying cars and even space travel.

As a kid growing up watching the cartoon the Jetsons, I thought some of that would be come true, smart speakers, but more and more all of it is coming true.

Cell phones becoming your personal computer these days, wrist watches that work like George Jetsons, voice activation with your phone and your home. Also, GM just announced a flying car. You have companies setting up space flights for those who can afford it. Astronauts living in space for up to a year at a time.

With rocket launching becoming more and more needed with satellites, deliveries to space stations and soon consumer travel, we need places to launch these rockets.

According to MLive, the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association have announced that the Chippewa County Airport will be the home if the companies new command and control center.

With launch sites popping up at Oscoda-Wurthsmith Airport and Marquette last year, MAMA needed a control center to oversee operations and that is where Chippewa County Airport comes into play.

The big thing about these launch sites coming to Michigan, is something it needs big time and that is jobs. This project is expected to create some 40,000 jobs. Now this won't fix the unemployment problem the state has, but this will surely take a bite out of it.
It is going to take hundreds of millions to complete this project but at the end of the day it will be creating jobs for Michiganders plus making the state the leader in the aerospace industry.
The new command and control center at Chippewa County Airport will be a dual operation involving the Department of Defense and commercial space organizations.

We are talking the launching of small and midsized satellites and even suborbital flights.

Michigan is perfect for these type operations because it is north of the Earth's 45th parallel which makes it ideal for polar orbit launches.

Who knows but some day when you travel to the U.P. to do some camping, part of your trip may now entail a commercial flight into space...now how cool is that?

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