It's hard to tell if Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson are doing their best Spinal Tap impression (sans British accents) or if they're really having trouble shooting a video promo for their upcoming tour. Either way, this clip is hilarious.

"This is where we look like jerks," begins Zombie as the two sit side-by-side on a black leather couch. Zombie is dressed in a faded denim jacket, jeans and a matching hat. Manson wears shades and all black and puts on and removes black gloves through the shoot.

"What's July 11, the start of the tour?" asks Zombie. When someone off camera confirms, Rob says, "Really, it's that soon?" "I know, it's terrible," replies Manson.

And we're only 15 seconds into the three-minute long video. Ten attempts later, the pair aren't much closer to a professional take, but they seem resigned to go with what they've got.

In one scene, Manson comments, "We start it on July 11." "July 11, in all happiness in Detroit," remarks Zombie. "What could go wrong there. Nothing." "I got priors [with the law]," retorts Manson. "I'm in a good space," replies Zombie, then laughs.

At another moment, Zombie says, "You ever see that thing with Marc Bolan and Ringo Starr trying to do an intro for the thing, and it's like this? It goes on for an hour and they can't get it right."

The promotional announcement they're trying to make is for their co-headliner: The Twins of Evil Tour: The Second Coming. The North American trek does, indeed, launch July 11 in Detroit and runs through Aug. 29 in Irvine, Calif. As the title suggests, it's the sequel to the 39-date Twins of Evil Tour that Zombie and Manson launched in late 2012.

Watch the wacky video above and check out the dates here.

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