Normally by this time of year, West Michigan would have accumulated 8 to 10 inches of snow. With snow in the forecast for the weekend, road crews are getting ready.

A low pressure system from the south is headed our way bringing with it southern moisture. This pattern sets us up for a rain-snow mix. The local road commission and plow trucks are ready.

Jerry Byrne with the Kent County Road Commission told WZZM TV, the clearing job of drivers and trucks have been affected by Covid just like everyone else.

Bynre states,"We're not putting them together in trucks, so the motorists may see a crew with twice as many trucks as we normally do because we're not putting 2 in a truck, everybody is driving an individual truck and cleaning and sanitizing that truck before and after,"

Secondary streets may take a little longer to clear as the pandemic has impacted staffing options. Be prepared to see trucks and plows from neighboring counties. Byrne said,

"Just understand that we're in this together, and we're not just going to play the county boundary lines so everyone needs some patience,"

If we do get slippery roads this weekend, remember to pump your brakes and leave plenty of space between yourself and the car in front of you. If you do happen to slide, counter steer!

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