Music inspires fans in all different ways, but in Rise Against's case, singer Tim McIlrath recalls one who became a civil rights lawyer because of the band's music. The frontman detailed the incredible story of how he met this fan during an interview with Loudwire Nights.

"The nature of Rise Against is that we're always kind of singing — not always — but we're singing songs about pushing for change and awareness, and advocating for progress," the frontman explained. "And you always wonder if these are landing with anybody."

The singer went on to remember one time he was standing in line for coffee, and was waiting behind a guy who had a Rise Against tattoo on the back of his calf. The guy ended up turning around and noticing McIlrath, and they started talking.

"I started asking him his story, and he was really excited to tell me it because Rise Against had inspired him to become a civil rights lawyer. And he had moved to Chicago — which is where I'm from, where I am — to prosecute police brutality cases in my city," the singer said.

"I can't believe that our songs, first of all reached somebody so far away, and now they're here making the place I live a better place."

Watch the full interview below.

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Rise Against's Tim McIlrath Interview With Loudwire Nights

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