We may not notice it from the crowd, but stages tend to have pretty intricate setups and can be dangerous if an artist isn't careful. Rise Against frontman Tim McIlrath recently fell into a stage gap, but he kept singing, despite sustaining a couple of minor injuries.

The vocalist shared a couple of images from the aftermath of the fall, which he noted in the caption took place on June 14 in Budapest, Hungary. He had a couple of cuts and what appears to be an abrasion on his chest and arms. In the post, he also shared an actual clip of him falling into the gap during the song "Give It All," and his bandmates' reactions while watching the footage later on.

See McIlrath's post below, as well as fan-filmed footage of the performance underneath.

Loudwire reached out for comment regarding the matter and received a quote from McIlrath. Fortunately, he didn't get wounded too badly and is doing alright now.

“There was a gap between the stage and some bright lights, and I totally spaced and took one big confident step into the void and then found myself trapped in a crevasse of stage and speakers. My chest absorbed the impact and I didn’t really feel it until later. At the time, my instinct was to just keep rolling, and so I squeezed through the speakers and just went into the crowd to sing with them," the frontman said.

"Zach [Blair] and Brandon [Barnes] didn’t even see me fall and figured I’d gone down there on purpose. Nothing is broken, just bruised up pretty good so we’ve all had a good time laughing at the video!”

Rise Against's next scheduled performance, which will hopefully be injury-free, is set to take place June 19 at the Hurricane Festival in Germany. Starting in July, they'll hit the road for a North American run with The Used and Senses Fail. See the full itinerary here.

Rise Against Singer Tim McIlrath Falls Into Stage Gap + Keeps Singing

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