If you haven't seen it yet, the A Vulgar Display of Pantera photo book is an exhaustive book stocked with hundreds upon hundreds of images of Pantera from their early glam days all the way through the end of the band following the release of Reinventing the Steel. All images were captured by the band's photographer, Joe Giron, who, along with bassist Rex Brown, joined us in the studio to discuss everything about the book, including some special memories and great stories behind some of the images.

Flipping through the book, the transition from bar band tragically caught up in the trappings of the era's glam style to their Cowboys From Hell reinvention is interesting to watch unfold. When opening to a page featuring two images of Brown dressed in the glam attire, we asked him what he thinks about when looking back on these images. Explaining how the look had nothing to do with the music, he and Giron reflected on how tight the band was and the transition of Dimebag Darrell — or "Q-Tip" as they used to call him — from middling guitarist to boy-wonder in a matter of months.

We also took a look at an image where Dimebag and Philip Anselmo had tied their long hair together on a dock and another of Dime hanging out with a bunch of children when the band went over to Russia in 1991. Dime's illuminated smile echoed the ones on the children's faces and Brown and Giron offered some touching thoughts on how this embodied Dimebag's kid-at-heart spirit.

Watch the video above for some fascinating stories behind Pantera as well as how the book came together! A Vulgar Display of Pantera is on sale now and can be purchased at Amazon.

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