After more than two years, the iconic Grand Haven south pier catwalk is returning to the shore of Lake Michigan in May.

However, as MLive reports, only about 10 percent of catwalk is from the original 100-year-old structure that was removed in September 2016.

Holland-based King Company has rebuilt the majority of the the "bents" or arches and  will begin installing the structure on the pier starting in May, beginning at the foghorn light and working their way back toward the pier's entrance.

They plan to complete the project in phases over 25 working days, leaving leeway for delays due to high water or inclement weather.

According to MLive, the plan is to have the catwalk fully completed by the Grand Haven Coast Guard festival July 26 to Aug. 4, 2019.

The south pier itself re-opened in August of 2018, after two years of renovations including resurfacing and structural work.

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